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Today is Town Election Day – Go Vote!!

A reminder to Blogging Belmont readers: today is election day in town. If you’re 18 or older and registered, your civic duty and responsibility is to go vote. So go vote!! Polls opened at 7:00 AM and will stay open…

First the anger, now the cuts

Clearly there was a lot of anger out there – and maybe the “YES” campaign misread it, or maybe there was nothing to be done. In an environment in which so many private sector employees are losing their jobs, maybe some folks will find it cathartic to fire some public sector employees, so their families can suffer, too. That’s a mean sentiment, but I don’t doubt it exists. As for the services those employees provide…there will be fewer of them. Like what, you ask? Well, school for one — Belmont High is shortening extracurricular courses from full year to half year — part of a trend that has seen BHS eliminate 19 class sections in just the last two years to try to live within budget constraints.

Not dead…just sleeping really deeply!

The New Year brings a new start. My plans for BloggingBelmont are both to narrow the focus of what I’m writing about and, at the same time, to broaden the discussion and variety of information that readers enjoy with some changes that make it easier for community members to contribute content of their own and share in the discussion. As always: I’m anxious for contributions from readers and community members. If you’ve got material or thoughts you want to share, email me at paul(at)bloggingbelmont(dot)com!

Superintendent issues statement on tragic death of Belmont High student

Belmont’s Superintendent issued a statement expressing shock and sadness at the tragic death of a Belmont High School Senior on Thursday afternoon. The teen was struck and killed by a train on the tracks behind Belmont High School.

A Story in the Boston Metro on the Former “A-Line” on the Green Line

The Metro published a piece on the former A-line that discontinued service to Watertown 40 years ago on Sunday.  The story is at